Is a Local Gaming Company Financing Negative Media Campaign Against Foreign Investors?

Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2021

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A Kenyan betting company is funding a smear campaign against other betting companies | Image courtesy of iStock

There’s word that a Kenyan betting company, with the help of corrupt officials, is funding a smear campaign against other betting companies.  

The companies; that pay nearly Kshs 6 billion annually to state and local government through fiscal and parafiscal charges and have supported the community with continuous health donations during the corona virus pandemic, are now a target of unfair and unethical negative campaign from a direct local rival.

A successful foreign company has been at the center of this well-choreographed media campaign and is being connected with unproven scandals. The local gaming company is trying to expel foreign companies out of the market and take up dominance in an illegal and primitive way by setting up scandals through the media.

Kenya is on the verge of becoming an undesirable environment for foreign investors because of individuals working against the interests of the state. This is a serious matter as about 55,000 people working in this industry are scared for their jobs.

The corona virus pandemic is a strong blow to the global economy, to which almost no branch of the economy is resistant, but what is encouraging are the positive examples and measures that companies are introducing with a primary focus on the health and well-being of their employees and their families.

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Let's have a level playing ground and remain ethical in our operations | Image courtesy of iStock

Companies in the gaming industry have recorded a 90 percent drop in profit, but employees do not have to worry about financial stability, because their jobs are secure, and salaries are paid regularly.

This policy, attitude and approach should be an example of behavior and inspiration, both to other companies and to each individual, because the actions taken during a pandemic send a strong message of humanity and togetherness. Only following this path, the spread of viruses and this pandemic can be stopped.

Instead, individuals are calling for the destruction of what maintains Kenya's economic stability and labor market, even in times of crisis. SportPesa was pushed out, and now a scandalous attempt is underway to connect a successful and recognized foreign gaming company with illegal activities.

This conspiracy by the local betting company to push out successful foreign rivals should be stopped. We should have a level playing ground and remain ethical in our operations.

Author: Absalom Mulama