Wannabe Socialite Shakila Could Go To Jail

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Shakila claims to have slept with over 20 celebrities.

Let’s talk ‘clout chasing’ at its peak! What would you do for publicity? For two minutes of fame? Ask Shakila, the young lady who has allegedly slept with over 20 celebrities in Kenya and has no shame naming the specific personalities. According to her, her bed has been graced by big names like KRG, Khaligraph Jones, Gospel Musician Apoko Ringtone, Willy Paul, Brown Mauzo, Masauti, Victor Wanyama, Otile Brown and not forgetting a certain governor residing at the coast. Thanks to social media personality Author Mandela aka Xtian Dela, we got to hear everything from the horse’s mouth in an Instagram live video that has since gone viral.

In the video, Shakila says that she has taken a two weeks break from her ‘job’ that has sustained her, giving her a classy life and making her the most expensive call girl and the most demanded for. Would you like to guess her rate card or we do you the honours? So, per ‘sleepover’, she charges between Ksh 200,000-250,000, a revelation that had Xtian swallow his tongue. Now, guess the celebrity who allegedly paid her the highest amount for a night of passion… Victor Wanyama. According to Shakilah, he was coming from a tournament loaded and with money to throw around; he spent Ksh. 700,000 on her.  We are shocked!

The 19-year-old has no shame admitting that she takes pride in her job. Yes, she’s 19 years old and with a great body count. Most of the comments from the audience were lewd and insulting with some asking where her parents were. Could these allegations be true? Remember, this is the same girl who claimed to have been kidnapped a few months ago with so much mystery surrounding the incident. This is the same girl who also accused controversial musician Willy Paul of inviting her to his studio and making sexual advances towards her, which she turned down. How comes he is now on her list? She claims to be in a relationship with KRG; which KRG? Married with a kid KRG or another one that we don’t know?

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Victor Wanyama has threatened to take legal action against her. [photo courtesy of Nairobi Gossip Club]

Of the celebrities named, Khaligraph Jones responded by giving Shakila two hours to apologize, as of yesterday, something she has already done. Victor Wanyama has threatened to take legal actions against her and Ringtone Apoko has turned to Xtian Dela accusing him of coaching young girls to lie about him. Late July this year, Musician Otile brown had threatened to sue her after she claimed to be in an entanglement with him. The Instagram post read:

"keep my name out of your stinking mouths don't mistake me with some artist I'ma hit you with a lawsuit ,utalia...

We don’t know if everything said in the video is true. There were several inconsistencies in the story which saw her digress from Xtian’s questions. She seemed to be desperate for attention and belief such that she gave irrelevant information and even went on to disgrace herself on the live. It’s a shame to see a young beautiful girl like her admitting to such a life and even rejoicing in it. Try to think, five years from now, where will she be? Will she look back at this life and be ashamed? Will she still be in business? This brings us back to the question, what would you do for fame? Ladies and gentlemen, never forget that our bodies are temples…



Author: Aska Makori