The social media scam, Robert Burale speaks up

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Robert Burale

Social media has arguably become the sixth estate. It has proven to have power to elevate ambitious, talented people from grass to grace and it has also taken down the once mighty to the bottom in an instant. It took the planet by storm at the beginning of the last decade with Facebook and Twitter leading the charge. Instagram and WhatsApp came into the limelight later and literally took over. Like a coin, there are two sides to it.

Social media has created a ‘standard’ for the fine things young men and women would want when they grow up; driving expensive cars, mansions on a hill, dining at five-star restaurants, flying business class and looking exceptionally good while at it. Living the InstaLife on Instagram has made young adults chase financial gains without a care in the world. To them, the end justifies the means.  Life coach Robert Burale was a guest at Switch TV and had a discussion with Miss Tamima on her show Real Talk with Tamima on the topic of how young adults should go about valuing themselves.

The sit-in audience had plenty of questions for Burale and he sure did come prepared. Most young people in this phase are still transitioning to adulthood and have no money to sustain the kind of ‘lifestyle’ they desperately want to portray on these platforms.

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Mr. Burale

The lack of identity

Burale encouraged young adults to know who they are and understand that not everything they see on social media is true. More often than not it’s just a facade. Sadly, it’s always easier said than done. The audience challenged him by posing questions.

What is so wrong with sleeping with people in order to get what I want?  I already understand it’s not free so I am paying up the only way I can.

The truth…

He asked them which car they thought he drove and the audience was quick to say a Range Rover or a Toyota Prado. He cautiously smiled and told them he drives a simple car simply because he cannot afford the coveted sports utility vehicles associated with the wealthy. Robert gave his life story in a nut shell and revealed that fame didn’t make him a better man; it actually made messed up his life.

Fame, with all this bravado talk about creating a brand is like chasing the wind especially if one doesn’t understand why they are doing it. Having significance, values and knowing who one is without the accolades is the most important thing.

Fame is a good thing but it also robs you of things you can never get back. Privacy, trust and at times peace of mind, it’s not always glitz and glamour as perceived or as you see on Facebook and Instagram. Strong people break down too. Don’t get it twisted fame is not a destination it’s a byproduct of hard work, resilience and purpose achieved.

Below is the full episode of the show

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