Edgar Obare, the man behind celebrities’ most scandalous exposés

Posted on Monday, January 20, 2020

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Edgar Obare

YouTuber Edgar Obare reputation precedes him. The lad is turning out to be the most feared entertainment vlogger and undoubtedly every celebrity’s nightmare. He is the man exposing our local stars’ on their shenanigans and leaving them with no choice but mend their ways.

It’s quite a brave thing to do given he is hated and loved almost in equal measure. Victims run to him for help him while villains bash and blame him for their misfortunes.  Edgar was a guest recently on Switch TV’s Chatspot (airs on weekdays at 5:50pm). In the interview with the Chatspot Ladies led by Kush Tracey and Mary Mwikali, he was put to task to answer a few burning questions in regards to his controversial vlogs.

How it all began…

It will come as a surprise to many that Edgar is an IT Graduate from the United States International University – USIU. His career path was set; sit behind a desk doing network analysis of websites and decoding programs. This however did not bring him much joy; he tried his hand in graphics design in vain. May be a Master’s Degree in Computer Science would change his fortunes in the world of computers. He packed his bags to Italy for further studies. It is during this period that he started content creation christened BNN- Bandana News Network where he talked about his life in general and also his travelling escapades around the world. After about a year of this he shifted to entertainment stories.

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Edgar during the interview

Only the guilty are afraid…

The vlogger said he really enjoys what he does; “creating online content is a job like any other” he expounded. Edgar is feared because he doesn’t just come out with guns blazing in his stories; he is backed by concrete evidence, receipts, screenshots of text messages, photos, videos and even witnesses who are willing to talk. Such in-depth research and undeniable proof makes his’ stories much more believable compared to other sources.

I am, not responsible for breaking any family, I just expose what these men and women do in darkness and require them to do better by their families.

Obare said he has zero chills in his line of duty given before any release of a video, he contacts both parties so that they can be able to share their version of the story. The fact-checking procedure is something he does meticulously.

It’s hard to lie about something and verify it, a lie cannot stand on its own.

The downside…

Obare has received numerous threats from celebrities in his line of duty. He is very cautious in his activities. He has not been served any lawsuits yet but has had to settle several issues amicably out of court. His popularity online however continues to grow; he has more than 62K Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Author: Sophie Opondo

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