Akothee collapses on stage at Luo Night

Posted on Monday, December 2, 2019

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Akothee interacting with her fans during the Luo festival

Madam Boss Lady has been grinding hard. The mother of five has been on a serious globe-trot; from the United States to Dubai and then to France within a short period of time.

Akothee never disappoints her fans, looking vibrant, singing her heart out and always delivering one electric performance after another. A few days ago her body couldn’t take it anymore, it caved in due to all the fatigue and needed hospitalization. She’s thankful to Nelly Oaks her manager cum lover for rushing her to the hospital in good time and praised him for saving her life. Had she arrived a minute later we would be writing a different story.

The energetic singer revealed that she suffered a mild flu but her health has since then improved. Hours after being discharged Akothee was already rehearsing for her next performance.

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her electric performance before the fall

Luo Night…

Despite all the challenging experiences, she still travelled to the lakeside city of Kisumu over the weekend for the much anticipated Luo Night. Simba Club was the venue, 30th of November the date, Akothee right in the middle of her performance goes down arms in the air and luckily into the arms of her back up dancers. The crowd was in shock, some to the extent of loud shrieks. Akothee’s body had finally given up, right there in front of their eyes.

Her crew quickly whisked her away from the stage. Hardly hours after being discharged, she’s been re-admitted which is particularly worrying for her dear fans who witnessed the Rollam singer give a killer performance alongside the FBI dancers.

We do hope she will take some time off to allow her body recuperate.


Author: Sophie Opondo

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