Five Signs She is Wasting your Time and Will Never Commit

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2021

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A woman who is constantly fighting you instead of encouraging you, is wasting your time

Dear men, just so you know, ladies get into relationships for different reasons. To some, it’s for the money, some security, others love, companionship…you need to know why a woman is getting close to you.  There are ladies who are in your life to waste your time and resources then move on to someone they deem better than you. The sad thing is that no woman comes with a tag indicating her initial intentions. How will you know that the woman you are seeing is just wasting your time and that your ‘entanglement’ is just that…an entanglement?  

Speaking at Switch TV Kenya’s morning show, Full Circle with Mwikali, Life Coach Joe Wisdom highlighted five signs that a woman is just wasting your time. The most common one being non-committal tendencies. When a woman sees something she wants in you, she will stay with you as long as she keeps getting it. The difference however is; she only contacts you when she wants it. It could be money, security, sympathy…one thing men forget is that when a woman commits, she commits fully! Don’t misinterpreted her neediness for love. Partial commitment in a woman is time wasting.

How many times have you heard the statement; I am praying about it? If she said this when you proposed something more than friendship and she’s still praying, move on, she is not into you. Prolonged prayer sessions are clear indications of time wasting. There are ladies who hide in prayers. Most of the time, it’s not you, it’s them…they don’t want to disappoint you and don’t know how to turn you down so they use prayers as scapegoat.

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It is believed that when a woman loves, she loves fully

Another sign is disconnection from you. This has everything to do with your visions and accomplishments. Does the woman you are seeing see your efforts and the steps you make? Does she see any good in you? Does she support your ambitions and see your success? If she is ever discouraging you and putting you down, she will never commit.

Have you met some of your woman’s friends and family or your relationship is secretive? Does she say that she want’s you guys to be private? Chances are, she is ashamed of you and doesn’t want to be linked to you. When introducing you, she will refer to you as a cousin or a friend or she won’t even introduce you at all. Later, she will manipulate you to believe that she forgot or the people she was introducing you to are no good. Beware.

The final sign is really provoking and if she does this, get a life! Is your woman still communicating with her ex? Always referring to him? Does she constantly compare you to the ex, like: X would never have done that to me or if X was here, he would have come up with a certain solution… Does she do this? You are in for so much disappointment. Chances are, she doesn’t think you will ever measure up to her ex and wouldn’t see herself stooping as low as committing to you.

It’s believed that when a woman loves, she loves for real. When a woman meets the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with, she will never hesitate. Women are love and they spread the love everywhere they go. If you can’t feel her love, she is not feeling you. Get the full interview below…

Author: Aska Makori