Did Anita Nderu come out?

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2020

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Media personality Anita Nderu

Lesbianism, Gayism, Bisexuality, Transgenderism, And Queerity (LGBTQ) are topic that stir up mixed reactions among Kenyans especially when these kind of lifestyle choices and behaviours are not legally condoned in Kenya.


Well, we live in a time where members of the LGBTQ Community in Kenya are openly and proudly talking about their sexuality. This debate has caused an uproar online and offline, with both sects of the divide having valid reasons for their stands. Religion has been used as a basis by the anti-LGBTQ+ sect, while progressivism has been used by the LGBTQ+ supporters. The right to freedom of expression has been used by both divides to defend their arguments. 

Kenyan celebrities have been in the front line of talking about their sexuality and have edified the conversation. From singers to actors and even media personalities, their sexualities have been a matter of great interest to their Kenyan audience.  

Media personality Anita Nderu has been on the internet heat because of her support for the LGBTQ+ Community. Early July, she was the epicentre of controversy after she hosted two gays on her cooking show  ‘The Overdressed cook’. Yesterday she seems to have finally come out. Anita seemingly came out through a tweet on her page that read  ‘I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ +.’ Netizens did not take her alleged coming out news kindly and bashed her.  

Other celebrities that have allegedly come out include Sauti Sol’s Chimano , BBC presenter Makena Njeri and model Victor Maina

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Anita Nderu with her gay friends on her cooking show

Kenya being a conservative society, the open discussion about sexuality will prove to be puzzling to the majority of the citizens, especially the older generation. While still being frowned upon, unnatural sexual deviation is going to be difficult to normalize in our society. The youth however, seem to be confident about having open discussions about their sexuality, with the help of social media.  

The prevailing argument seems to be about understanding the cause of sexual deviant behaviour, is it by nature or nurture? Upbringing or biology? Some say it’s nurtured into us by the environment we grow up in and the ideas we are exposed to. Others say it is biological because it can be spotted in animals, although in very rare occurrences. Others can’t understand the society's purpose because it defies the natural method of reproduction. 

Author: Joan Wangari