Cheating in relationships: My husband cheated on me with my mother.

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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Maureen Waititu and Frankie Justgymit

For anyone who is in or has been in a relationship, cheating is the worst form of betrayal. When most people realize that their partners have been taking them for a ride the pain and misery that comes with it is numbing. Cheating destroys the self-esteem of the victim and makes them feel unworthy. Being cheated on is so destructive and affects the mental state of the parties involved.  In most cases when the cheating partner is busted, they are faced with a lot of guilt and become remorseful. Coming out of that devastating situation takes a lot of strength and self-realization. 

For Hannah, this betrayal came from people she loved and trusted very much. Speaking on Real Talk with Tamima, the mother of two disclosed that she caught her mother and husband making love on their matrimonial bed. That was the day her world fell apart. She said the most painful part of the incident was that her eldest daughter who was four then witnessed the ordeal. Hannah even contemplated suicide. Her husband and mother were neither remorseful nor apologetic. According to her, the two were drinking buddies. Whenever her mother would visit them, the two would gladly have a drink together. Though the behaviour did not please her, the two still enjoyed their drinking party. 

Hannah and her husband each went their separate ways after he ran off with everything they had in their matrimonial home. She decided to start a new life and five months later, both her mother and husband started calling her asking for forgiveness. She assured both of them that she had forgiven them and all she wanted was a peaceful life. One Sunday evening, her husband showed up at her doorstep asking for forgiveness so that he could die in peace. She assured him that she had forgiven him and all she had in her heart was peace. Moments later he collapsed and was pronounced upon arrival at the hospital. 

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Cheating destroys ones self esteem and puts one in a state of denial

When faced with such a situation, the first thing you should do is talk to someone you trust. You also need to understand that you will constantly be in denial and in shock. Most people blame themselves whenever their partners cheat on them not understanding that it is not their fault. Your partner cheating should not reduce your self-worth and self-love. Seek help from a professional or friends. YouTuber and TV host Maureen Waititu revealed that she was on antidepressants in the past year after their relationship with Frankie fell apart. Maureen has always publicly thanked her support system whom she says have helped her hand physically and in prayers. She disclosed that her boyfriend used to flirt with socialite Corazon Kwamboka while they were still in a relationship. Frankie and Corazon now have a child together and even moved in together months after Maureen and Frankie broke up.   

Author: Joan Wangari