I used to work in a mortuary - Sailor’s gang Miracle Baby reveals

Posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Miracle Baby during an event

Long gone are the days when Kenyan musicians tried to sound like their Tanzanian or Nigerian counterparts. In an age where singers are going for originality, Gengetone artists have established their unique genre that is authentically Kenyan. It is the new sound in town and has received mixed reactions from the public. The songs once released continue to receive good airplay especially in matatus, clubs and even on local radio.  People especially the youth love to sing along to the catchy phrases.

The beats are definitely appealing, the lyrics particularly in Sheng and Swahili are easy to sing along to and that is where the problem is. Some of the words being used are extremely vulgar; some even for song titles. This has however not affected their popularity, in fact, on the contrary, the words become more popular and get accepted as part of the Sheng vocabulary. The Sailors Gang are one the most prominent Gengetone proponents in the country. They have several hits to their name; Jesu ni Mwathani, Pekejeng and their most famous and debut single Wamlambez.

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Sailor's Gang

When Sailors Gang (a group consisting of Shalkido, Miracle Boy, Lexi Yung, Masilver, and Qoqos juma) released Wamlambez, no one took notice. Radio personality Mwalimu Rachel posted the song on her YouTube channel and like they say, the rest is history. A new sound was officially launched. The official video has more than six million views so far.  Some people even use the song’s signature slogan as a form of salutation.

Humble beginnings...

Sailor’s Gang graced Switch TV studios and talked to the Chatspot ladies about their lives before fame. The members of the group did odd jobs like being touts and doing construction work before their music careers. What is even more shocking is the revelation by the group’s de facto leader “Miracle Baby” that he was a morgue attendant before fame. Pasts filled with such hardships makes them work even harder in their music.

They also went on to reveal that as a team they always fast once every week and pray to God for blessings.

Bagging awards...

Sailors gang bagged four awards last year at the Pulse Music Video Awards; New Wave of the Year, Best Group of the Year and Viewer’s Choice of the Year and Best Collaboration of the Year.

All the best Sailors; below is the interview.

Author: Sophie Opondo