"Corona Virus is a scam!!" Says X-tian Dela.

Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2020

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X-tian declares that Corona virus is a scam

The Kenyan millennial are perhaps one of the most skeptic group in the country. From questioning the importance of the Huduma Namba registration practice to the reality of a worldwide pandemic, they are relentless doubters.  

Aurther Mandela, better known as Xtiandella, a popular Kenyan Social Media personality recently posted on Twitter suggesting that the government is playing a numbers game with the statistics they are reporting. Xtina’s Tweet reads:

Coronavirus is a scam!! Magifuli was right!!...Mnasema corona yay kenya ni hesabu tupu? Yaaani….You had one job, to lie to us properly..ONE JOB!!...How do you fail like this?! I see Dennis Okari has shaken a lot of trees!!...” 

Alongside the post was a picture of the conspiracy theory-seeming calculations, claiming that the value of new infections in Kenya always went up from the previous number by 10. 

We have been on a positive trail to flattening the curve since late August, when we went down from 13% to 8% infection rate. Xtian’s post played with the number of reported infections since 3rd September claiming that he could predict September 7th figure before the official announcement. 

In the seemingly sarcastic post, Xtian suggests that the government is trying to feed the narrative that we are flattening the curve. Kenyans seem to be getting increasingly frustrated due to the Covid-related scandals coming up such as the recent CovidBillionaires expose.   

Now, suppose Xtiandela is right and the virus really is a scam, what does this mean? That Kenyans have been believing in computer generated numbers? That Kenyans have been wearing masks and protecting themselves against an imaginary disease? Is the virus even in Kenya? This also raises the question of; are the testing Kits faulty? In the statement...magifuli was right... assuming he was talking about Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli who claimed that he had done Covid19 tests on a goat and a pawpaw that later turned positive, What could he be insinuating? Dont forget that Kenya was once accused by Arusha Regional Commissioner Mrisho Mashaka Gambo of having a deliberate sabotage strategy against the tourism industry in Tanzania after 19 Tanzanian drivers who had been tested and declared positive by Kenyan authorities, tested negative in Dar es Salaam! 


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Since late August the curve went down from 13% to 8% infection rate

Let's come back home where Kenyans attacked Motivational Speaker Robert Burale when he claimed to have tested positive for the virus, with many stating that he was just faking it for his own gain, other claiming that he had been paid to lie. The same thing happened with Bishop Margret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministries  when she recovered from the virus a week after being admitted in the ICU. 

Do you remember Brenda Cherotich and Brian Orinda? They were the first patients to recover from the virus. Several inconsistencies were found in the different stories they gave while being interviewed in different media houses. Netizens claimed that it was a public relations stunt by the government. Not forgetting renowned journalist Jeff Koinange who was questioned by netizens over appearing healthy and even Presenting his Wednesday news show Jeff Koinange LIVE from home despite testing positive. 

Speaking of Jeff Koinange LIVE, do you know who is the Head of Social and Digital Media at the Citizen TV Show? Guess...Xtiandela. Doesn't this keep getting better and better? Is there something Mandela is not telling Kenyans or is telling Kenyans indirectly? No, we are not insinuating anything, we are just asking questions that we hope will soon be answered...if Kenya stops being Kenya. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions of Kenyans directly and indirectly by reportedly causing over one million job losses. with worst affected industries being the Tourism, Transport, Hotel, Horticulture and Education sectors. 

Given the seriousness of the pandemic and how it has changed life as we know it, most of us will rubbish Xtian’s post as a mere coincidence of numbers. Citizens have been dutifully taking precaution as guided by the WHO since the first case in Kenya was announced. Maybe the decline in cases is just a sign that our precautious efforts are working... but what if?



Author: Joan Wangari

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