Celebrities offer Former Churchill Comedian David the Student support as he mourns

Posted on Friday, December 6, 2019

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David the student

Former Churchill comedian David the Student is grieving the loss of his mother. He took to social media to announce the sad news. David went on to say that it really hurts him to think that the great plans he had in store for her would permanently remain as just plans.

In his post, the comedian said no one is ever prepared to lose a loved one to the cold hands of death. The pain is unfathomable and all she left him with are memories which he intends to cherish for as long he is alive. David revealed that he had plans to buy a piece of land and build his Mom a beautiful home. He had figured that it was one way he could appreciate her.  

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His post…             

Rest In Peace Mom
 Nobody or nothing ever prepares someone for this…still feels like a dream and I want to wake up and I want it to be a horrible dream! 
But sadly this is life, and you have gone to be with the Lord. 
Just a month ago I called my sister and was telling her of plans to buy land and build a beautiful home for you mom why? Why you? This life!

Rest mama. Rest I love you so so much. I love you so much mother!

Celebrities, fans, friends and former colleagues came all out to offer him a shoulder to lean on during this trying period.

From all of us here at Switch TV; David, it is very dark at the moment but take heart, the sun will shine again.



Author: Sophie Opondo